Limavady Grammar School Hall of Fame

Student Name: Niall O’Connor


Current location in the world New York
Primary School you attendedSt Matthews Drumsurn
QualificationsA levels

Life @ LGS

AchievementsHead Boy
Extra-curricular activities you took part inRugby/Golf
Most memorable moment from your time at LGS?I always loved the Schools Cup each year with the rugby team, the excitement and build up leading into it. A lot of my fondest memories were actually spent on the rugby pitch after school practising my kicking, often with my brother, while my mum waited (not always patiently) for us to finish.
If you could give advice to your teenage self, what would it be?Perhaps not to be so hard on myself or uptight regarding my rugby performances. A bad performance would linger with me for days, affecting my mood and I was difficult to be around especially for my family. I understand that my obsession and setting high standards led to a career in pro rugby but I now know there is a balance to find there.

Life after LGS

Further Education Attended UUJ and studied Law with economics.
Current OccupationPartner in a few companies.
DescriptionMost recent is a golf ball company called Clearsports. Trying to grow this right now with aim to have some of the worlds best players using the ball.
Previous RolesProfessional Rugby player
DescriptionPlayed with Ulster/Connacht
Greatest achievement since leaving LGS?
Having dreamed all through school of playing rugby for Ulster it was a proud achievement looking back to accomplish that.