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See below tables for more careers information.

Subject Careers
Head of KS5 Careers: Mrs W Olphert
Head of KS3 & 4 Careers: Mrs S Stewart
Staff in Dept Mrs C Boyle
Mr P Laird
Mrs W Olphert
Mrs R Skuce
Mrs S Stewart
Mrs J Yeates
Year 13- Independent Learning
- Time Management and study Skills
- Enrichment Diary and Personal career Planning
- Understanding Higher education and UCAS
- Work Experience
- Personal Statements
- Getting Ready to Apply
Year 14- Post 18 Options
- The Application Journey
- Degree/Higher Apprenticeships
- Interviews
- Useful Resources/Websites
- CAO Applications
- Finance
- Preparing For Life at University

KS3: Brief Topic Overview

Year GroupOverview
Year 8- Personal Skills and qualities
- Your school, Your Business (with Young Enterprise)
- Study Skills
- Goals and Target setting
- Enterprising activities
- Introduction to online careers materials and resources
Year 9- Skills employers want
- Learning where and how we can develop skills in school
- Exploring school as preparation for the world of work
- Investigating pupil motivations for career ideas
- Examining gender stereotypes in careers
- Beliefs and values
- Webquests using additional online resources and materials
Year 10- Roles in Life
- The Buzz test – skills based quiz
- Job Families
- Learning styles
- Demands and Rewards from various careers
- Careers Resources (Online and in the careers library)
- My Brilliant Career
- Job Study (Research Presentation)
- Choices at 14 +
- The Changing Face of employment