Safeguarding the well-being of our pupils is of the utmost importance. At Limavady Grammar School, we believe that it is the basic right of all children to receive their education in a protective and caring environment, free from humiliation, oppression and abuse in all of its forms: emotional, sexual, physical, neglect and exploitation, and that the welfare of the child is paramount.

Our Child Protection Policy aims to support the child’s development in ways which will foster security, confidence and independence. It is central to the well-being of the pupils and is seen as an intrinsic part of all aspects of the curriculum. It also reflects our school ethos of learning, caring and preparing for life.

The Safeguarding Team is made up of the following key stakeholders:
  • Chairman of the Board of Governors: Mr G Hill
  • Designated Governor for Child Protection: Dr P Finlay
  • Principal: Mrs N Madden
  • Vice Principal (Pastoral): Mr C O’Donnell
  • Designated Teacher for Child Protection: Mr C Little
  • Deputy Designated Teachers:
    • Miss M Doherty
    • Mrs L McFarland
    • Mrs L Steen
Designated Teachers for Child Protection (DTCP)

If you have a Child Protection Concern, please contact one of our Child Protection Teachers here.

Designated Teacher In Charge

Mr C Little

Deputy (DTCP)

Mrs L Steen

Deputy (DTCP)

Mrs L McFarland

Deputy (DTCP)

Miss M Doherty

Other Useful Contacts
  • Social Services: (Gateway Team 028 713 4090)
  • Social Services: (Out of Hours 028 9504 9999)
  • PSNI 101 (Ask for Public Protection Unit)