Modern Languages

Head of Dept: Mr I. Sampson


Staff in department

Mr I. Sampson
Miss M. Doherty
Mr C Little
Ms L. McGrattan
Mrs J. Mills
Mrs C. Sanchez

A Level

A level exam boards:

  • CCEA for French and Spanish
Module% of AS or
A2 grade
How is it assessed?Module Title
AS Module 130% of AS
12% of A Level
11 minute exam at the end of Year 13Speaking
AS Module 240% of AS
16% of A Level
2 hour exam at the end of Year 13Listening, Reading and Use of Language
AS Module 330% of AS
12% of A Level
1 hour exam at the end of Year 13Extended Writing
A2 Module 118%15 minute exam at the end of Year 14Speaking
A2 Module 224%2 hour 45 minute exam at the end of Year 14Listening and Reading
A2 Module 318%1 hour exam at the end of Year 14Extended Writing


GCSE exam board:

  • CCEA for French and Spanish
GCSE% of GCSE gradeHow is it assessed?Unit title
Unit 125%35/45 minute exam at the end of Year 12Listening
Unit 225%7-12 minute exam at the end of Year 12Speaking
Unit 325%50 min/1 hour exam at the end of Year 12Reading
Unit 425%1 hour/ 1 hour 15 minute exam at the end of Year 12Writing

KS3: Brief topic overview

Year 8
French - Talking about yourself, pets and family, appearance and character, classroom objects and instructions, home environment, telling the time, finding your way around town, ordering snacks and drinks, numbers and prices, daily routine and school, sports, musical instruments and leisure activities.

Year 9
French – Talking about family, jobs, where you live, the weather, daily routine, describing past events, TV programmes, going out, household tasks, clothes, food, meals and eating habits, shopping, eating out, countries and languages, holidays and leisure activities.

Spanish – Greetings, personal details, numbers 1-100, dates, Spanish-speaking countries, the alphabet, schoolbag & classroom items, school subjects, food & drink, family, pet animals, colours, physical & personality descriptions, where they live, describing your house, European countries, rooms in a house, prepositions and bedroom furniture.

Year 10
French – Talking about hobbies (TV, Cinema and Reading), appearance and nationalities, describing past events, describing future plans, parts of the body and feeling unwell, healthy lifestyle, describing other people, travel plans, reserving a room in a hotel, describing a region of France.

Spanish – Free time activities & sports, the time, describing your town, places in town, giving directions, the weather, nationalities, TV programmes & films, making invitations, holidays, transport, meals, buying food in a shop and ordering food in a restaurant.