Religious Studies

Head of Dept: Mrs J Yeates


Staff in department

Miss S Coll, Mrs S Gordon, Mr A Hamilton, Mrs B Hughes, Mrs B Lowth, Mrs J Mills, Mrs W Olphert, Mrs M Sandy, Mrs S Stewart.

A Level

  • A level exam board: CCEA
Module% of AS or
A2 grade
How is it assessed?Module Title
AS Module 120%1 hour 20 min external written exam An introduction to the Gospel of Luke
AS Module 720%1 hour 20 min external written exam Foundations of Ethics with Special Reference to Issues in Medical Ethics
A2 Module 130%2 hour external written exam Themes in the Synoptic Gospels
A2 Module 730%2 hour external written exam Global Ethics


GCSE% of GCSE gradeHow is it assessed?Unit title
Unit 650% 1 hour 30 minute external written examAn Introduction to Christian Ethics
Unit 450% 1 hour 30 minute external written examChristianity through a study of the Gospel of Matthew
NB: In short course RE, one of the modules above will be studied over two years. This allows opportunity to achieve right up to an A* grade.

KS3: Brief topic overview

Year 8
In Year 8, students begin by exploring the impact that religion has had on our society and the values people can learn from religion. The first topic they study is what life was like in Bible times, followed by a Christmas project in which they design a Christmas card with religious significance. After Christmas Year 8 students study The Bible and its origins, and finish off the year thinking about who Jesus was.

Year 9
The focus of Year 9 Religion and Ethics is faith and the impact that this has upon individuals and society within Christianity and world religions. This will be explored through looking at people past and present who have faith and why, such as Abraham, Moses, Elizabeth Fry and Celebrities today. Year 9 also have opportunity to consider how this impacts upon issues like creation, persecution and politics. Skills development throughout the year focuses on communication, including reading, writing, and in particular talking and listening.

Year 10
Central to the year 10 course is the development of skills to prepare pupils for GCSE. The course explores these skills whilst building upon an understanding of ethical issues, including issues of life and death, forgiveness, prejudice and discrimination. Pupils continue to develop their knowledge of world religions through a focus on Islam and its beliefs.