Head of Dept: Mr B Purcell

Staff in department

Miss G Craig, Mr J Dixon, Mrs S Gordon, Miss T Donaghy (Technician).

A Level

  • A level exam board: CCEA
Module% of AS or
A2 grade
How is it assessed?Module Title
AS Module 140% of AS1 hr 45 min paperForces, Energy and Electricity.
AS Module 240% of AS1 hr 45 min paperWaves, Photons and Astronomy.
AS Module 320% of AS2 x 1 hour papersPractical Techniques and Data Analysis.
A2 Module 140% of A22 hour paperDeformation of Solids, Thermal Physics, Circular Motion, Oscillations and
Atomic and Nuclear Physics.
A2 Module 240% of A22 hour paperFields, Capacitors and Particle Physics.
A2 Module 320% of A22 x 1 hour papersPractical Techniques and Data Analysis.


  • GCSE exam board: CCEA
GCSE% of GCSE gradeHow is it assessed?Unit title
Unit 135%1 hr 30 min paperForce and Motion, Energy, Moments and Radioactivity
Unit 240%1 hr 45 min paperWaves, Sound and Light, Electricity, and the Earth and Universe
Unit 325%Controlled assessmentPractical Skills

KS3: Brief topic overview

Year 8
Measurements (including practical skills), Forces, Energy and Space.

Year 9
Forces & Speed, Sound, Light, Electricity and Space.

Year 10
Forces, Waves, Heat Transfer and Magnetism.