To help next year’s new pupils some of our current pupils have answered some common “what if” questions.

What if… I am absent?

You have to catch up on all the work and tests you’ve missed. You also have to bring in an absence slip explaining why you were absent. An absence slip is the little pink slip that you can find in your homework diary.
– Sarah

What if… I need to leave school during the normal school day?

You get a pink slip from your homework diary and you get your parent or guardian to fill it in. Get a VP (Vice Principal) to sign it and then get a yellow slip from the office. You give this to your teacher when you have to go.
– Joan

What if… I am late?

If you are late then you will have to sign in at the office if it is after registration and go to the class that you have at that period.
– Sarah

What if… I am feeling sick?

Tell the teacher and they will give you a green slip. Go to the office and they will call home.
– Charlotte

What if… I miss my bus?

Either wait for the next bus or get a lift to school and sign in when you arrive if you’re late.
– Lily

What if… I lose my bus pass?

Tell your form teacher and if you still can’t find it anywhere, apply for a new one.
– Dylan

What if… I lose my locker key?

Tell your form teacher and if it’s not found, you pay a small fee for a new locker key
– Lauren

How do I pay for my school lunch?

There is a machine so when you need to put money on you put your fingerprint on the scanner and then you put your money in.
– Joan

What if… I forget my lunch money?

If you forget lunch money you can either ask for your friend to maybe buy you something or you can tell the dinner lady and you can pay for your lunch the next day.
– Julie

What do I do if my finger print doesn’t work for school dinners?

You should tell the canteen staff and your form teacher
– Laura

What if… I’ve lost my homework diary?

Tell your teacher and write your homework on a piece of paper until it’s found (or you buy a new one)
– Laura

What if… I haven’t got my diary signed?

Get it signed for the next day
– Aaron

What if… I’ve lost my games kit?

Tell Mrs Moore and look in lost and found.
– Adrienne

What if… none of my friends are going to Limavady Grammar School?

Don’t worry, you will make new friends… I did!
– Erin

What if… I feel lonely?

Talk to a teacher and try to talk to people in your class and other classes.
– Nyrée

What if… I get lost?

If you get lost you can ask an older pupil or a teacher for help.
– Lucy

What if… I lose my timetable?

Ask someone in your class with the same timetable if you can borrow it to photocopy

What if… I forget my homework?

Tell the teacher at the start of lass and bring it in the next day.
– Amelia

What if… I am being bullied?

Don’t let it persist! Go tell your form teacher or another teacher. Just let someone know!
– Olivia

What if… I have never been to school with someone of another religion?

If you have never been to a school with someone of a different religion treat them the same way anybody else. We’re all the same!!
– Hannah