Limavady Grammar School Hall of Fame

Student Name: Jane McClenaghan

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Current location in the world Belfast
Primary School you attendedEglinton Primary
Years you were a pupil at LGS1984 to 1991
QualificationsBScHons Food Science from University of Reading, DipION Nutritional Therapy (Institute for Optimum Nutrition), City & Guilds in Further & Adult Education & Teaching (Banbury College)

Life @ LGS

AchievementsI was a prefect at LGS
Extra-curricular activities you took part in Duke of Ed - bronze, silver & gold
Most memorable moment from your time at LGS?Do you want the good, the bad or the ugly?!
Without a doubt, the good memories are of the people I met when at Limavady Grammar, from making lifelong friends to being educated by some inspiring teachers.
I loved Home Economics and Biology at school and was determined to study nutrition, even when it went against what some of the careers teachers were advising me. That was very difficult, but I knew that I wanted to work in nutrition - I even stuck with Chemistry to A Level to achieve that goal and with the help of a great teacher (Dr McGuinness) I managed to get a C at A level. (By the way, I am now I am glad that I studied chemistry as it helps me understand the science of the food we eat)!
If you could give advice to your teenage self, what would it be?You will find your spark. Work hard for what you want in life, but take time out to dance around the kitchen every now and then too!

Life after LGS

Further EducationUniversity of Reading
Insitute for Optimum Nutrition
Banbury College
Current OccupationNutritional Therapist (self employed since 2001)
DescriptionMy job is extremely varied, One day I could be working with clients at my clinic in Belfast, the next helping children to cook healthy food in a community group. I deliver a lot of workshops about eating well for workplaces and am a regular voice on BBC Radio Ulster and U105.
Previous RolesLecturer in Nutritional Therapy, Technical Advisor for Biocare, a supplement company, Sub-editor of a nutrition journal ….
Greatest achievement since leaving LGS?
Building a successful business that helps inspire and educate people to eat well for the good of their health.