Head of Dept: Mr S. Whitmarsh

Staff in department

Mr S. Bogle, Mrs K. Connolly, Mrs M. Louden, Mr A. Hamilton, Mr B. Cartwright.

A Level

  • A level exam board: AQA
Module% of AS or
A2 grade
How is it assessed?Module Title
AS Module 133⅓ (16⅔)1½ hour examPC1 (Pure Core 1)
AS Module 233⅓ (16⅔)1½ hour examPC2 (Pure Core 2)
AS Module 333⅓ (16⅔)1½ hour examMM1B (Mechanics 1)
A2 Module 116⅔1½ hour examPC3 (Pure Core 3)
A2 Module 216⅔1½ hour examPC4 (Pure Core 4)
A2 Module 316⅔1½ hour examEither MS1B (Statistics 1) or MM2B (Mechanics 2)

GCSE Mathematics

  • GCSE level exam board: CCEA
GCSE% of GCSE gradeHow is it assessed?Unit title
Unit 1452 hour exam
1½ hour exam
Either T3 orT4
or T2
Unit 2551¼ hour exam (no calculator) and 1¼ hour exam (calculator)
1 hour exam (no calculator) and 1 hour exam (calculator)
Either T6
or T5

GCSE Statistics 4310

  • GCSE level exam board: AQA
GCSE% of GCSE gradeHow is it assessed?Unit title
Unit 175Written examination lasting 2 hoursHigher Tier 43101H
Unit 225Candidates must complete an Investigation worth 20 marks and an associated Written Assessment worth 20 marksStatistics in Practice 43102: Controlled Assessment

GCSE Further Mathematics

  • GCSE level exam board: CCEA
GCSE% of GCSE gradeHow is it assessed?Unit title
Unit 150Written examination lasting 2 hoursPure Mathematics students investigate algebra, trigonometry, differentiation, integration, logarithms, matrices and vectors.
Unit 250Written examination lasting 2 hoursMechanics and Statistics includes exploring kinematics, vectors, forces, Newton’s Laws of Motion, friction, moments, understanding and using statistical terminology, measures of central tendency and measures of dispersion, probability, and bivariate analysis.

KS3: Brief topic overview

Year 8
Number patterns & Sequences, Mental Maths & BODMAS, Decimals, Statistics, Algebra, Symmetry, Polygons, Further Algebra, Angles, Perimeter, 3D Work, Directed numbers, Fractions, Units.

Year 9
Time & Travel Graphs, Indices & Estimation, Statistical Diagrams, Algebra, Transformations, Angles, Probability, Percentages & Fractions, Straight Line Graphs, Area, Planning a Holiday, Ratio.

Year 10
Algebra, Accuracy & Using Formulae, Pythagoras’ Theorem, Handling Data & Stem and Leaf Diagrams, Volume, Number Revision, Trigonometry, Cumulative Frequency Curves & Box Plots.