Head of Dept: Mrs M Cartwright

Staff in department

Mr C O’Donnell, Miss G Wright

A Level

  • A level exam board: CCEA
Module% of AS or
A2 grade
How is it assessed?Module Title
AS Module 1: Historical Investigations and Interpretations50% of AS
20% of A level
External ExaminationGermany 1919–45
AS Module 2:
Historical Conflict and Change
50% of AS
20% of A level
External ExaminationRussia 1914 - 41
A2 Module 1: Change Over Time40% of A2External ExaminationThe American Presidency 1901-2000
A2 Module 2: Investigations and Interpretations 60% of A2External ExaminationThe Partition of Ireland 1900 - 1925


GCSE% of GCSE gradeHow is it assessed?Unit title
Unit 160%1 written exam lasting 1 hr 45 min-Modern World Studies in Depth;
- Life in Nazi Germany 1933-1945
-NI and its neighbours 1965-1998
Unit 240%1 written exam lasting 1 hr 15Outline study: International Relations 1945-2003

KS3: Brief topic overview

Year 8
What is History; The Norman Conquest; The Black Death; The Reformation; Tudor England; The Spanish Armada; Were the Gunpowder Plotters framed?

Year 9
Colonialisation; Ireland and the Plantations; The Williamite Wars; The Impact of Empire (Canada, India and the Slave Trade); Who is to blame for the Titanic Disaster?

Year 10
The 20th Century – Who were the Suffragettes? What caused the First World War and what was it like for the soldiers? Why did Germany get all of the blame? Was it right to drop the Atomic bomb? Why was Ireland partitioned? Was JFK killed by his own men?