Revision Training Evening for Year 9 students a huge success.

Matthew DunlopCurriculum

On the 22nd February, over 100 attended an event for Year 9 students and parents, aimed at developing and introducing new approaches to revision. The event, organised by the Learning and Teaching Team, proved to be a remarkable success, as students and their parents actively collaborated, enabling them to develop effective strategies to support their sons and daughters.

The atmosphere at the event was enthusiastic, with everyone embracing the opportunity to learn and grow together! As a school, we are grateful for the dedication shown by both parents and students, as it is this commitment to learning that will undoubtedly lead to academic advancement in the future.

The primary goal of the event was to equip parents with the necessary tools to aid their children’s revision journey. We firmly believe that when parents actively engage in their child’s education, the results speak for themselves, however, Paul did remind parents that they are there to support, not do it for them! Paul, the facilitator from Learnspark, was entertaining as always, providing parents with a range of learning strategies and techniques and templates to actively support their child’s learning experience.

The event successfully focused on equipping students and parents with the necessary tools to enhance the learning process. It was encouraging to witness the students actively engaging with their parents, as they worked collaboratively to develop personalized revision approaches. This inclusive approach not only deepened the bond between parents and their children but also fostered a positive environment for learning.

As educators, we are optimistic that the strategies discussed during the event will have a lasting impact on the students’ educational journey. By actively involving parents in their child’s learning process, we hope to create a strong foundation for academic success and personal growth. Our sincere thanks go to Paul from Learnspark for his expertise and guidance throughout the event.

Moving forward, we encourage parents and students to maintain the enthusiasm and commitment displayed during this event. By consistently implementing the strategies and techniques discussed, we firmly believe that every student can achieve their true potential.

The full range of Study Tools used by Paul throughout the evening are available on the Learnspark website: