Special Educational Needs

Pupils with Special Educational Needs are entitled to the full range of educational and extra-curricular provision in school. Our aim is always to maximise their potential by removing specific barriers to learning or participation.

Our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo), Mrs Louden, manages all aspects of SEN provision within school. This initially involves liaising with feeder primary schools to help identify specific individual needs – learning difficulties, physical or sensory disabilities, medical conditions, social, emotional or behavioural difficulties – as well as with our own teaching staff, classroom assistants and relevant external agencies. Testing of pupils takes
place when necessary and may result in an Individual Education Plan (IEP) and other support mechanisms being put in place.

Regular, on-going, contact with parents/guardians and review of progress are vital parts of this process. Target-setting, positive engagement and the building of strong supportive relationships help ensure that all pupils move confidently through school and into higher education and beyond.

In September 2019 we opened our Wellbeing room which was facilitated by the Parents and Teachers Association.
Through this room we are supporting the wellbeing of pupils who , at times, may find school hard for a variety of reasons.
It is a relaxed comfortable space where pupils are able to seek support from members of staff.
This year sees the opening of our sensory room along with a second wellbeing zone.