Library Online

Eclipse.Net Library System – Instructions to access from Home

This is your gateway to books, websites and other resources in school.

  • Log into My School
  • Click on View all Apps
  • In the options available select – ONLINE LEARNING – LIBRARY App
  • Launch this and your Library system will load
  • The Download screen will ask for your
    • Username: Use your school user name
    • Password: reading
    • Site: bt499et
    • Then click on Limavady Grammar school
  • Click Guest and a window will pop up to ask if you want to sign in click yes

You will then have a home page with our Logo – have fun looking around all the different boxes.

  • You can use the yellow filo- fax icon to see if we have a book that you would like and it will tell you if it is available in the Library.
  • Don’t be afraid to click on the links to find out what information is behind them.
  • In the channels feature you will see system and student – student takes you to the school website – system takes you to a Library dashboard.
  • When you click on community you can access the top 100 books being read by boys or girls throughout all the schools linked to – this might be helpful if you don’t know what to read.
  • Why not write a review about the books you have read and websites you have visited, to help other students in school when they are researching using
  • If you need any help with the system, click on the light bulb or ask the librarian.