LGS Rugby Tour Portugal 2019

During the Halloween Holidays of 2019. Four staff and 30 pupils from Years 12-14 went of a 6 day rugby tour to Vilamora in Portugal. Mr Hughes was supported by Mr Dunlop, Mr Lemon and Mr Gordon. Year 14 Xavier McCann lead by example on tour as the captain, assisted by the three vice-captains Ross McLaughlin, Joshua Howe and Eunan McLaughlin.

The squad enjoyed a fantastic tour where they trained like a professional for 6 days, training three times a day and enjoyed a win against a Portuguese side. Each day included a gym session, followed by pool recovery, a pitch session working on tactics and strategies and a fun activity. The tour included plenty of rugby training, with a mix of fun activities including beach volleyball, 5 aside football and even a spin session.

The lads developed a fantastic bond on the tour. They developed a range of skills and lifelong friendships. To get a flavour of the hard work and fun the boys had, please enjoy watching the tour diary videos below.

Tour Day 1

Tour Day 2

Tour Day 3

Tour Day 4

Tour Day 5