LGS Has Got Talent was back with a BANG

CBoyleDrama Productions

LGS Has Got Talent was back with a BANG on 22nd June – and it certainly did not disappoint. Entertaining a full house of over 300 eager audience members, you wouldn’t be wrong to assume that our acts were feeling the pressure to rise to the expectations and yet staff and students alike were more than ready to put their best foot forward and deliver knockout performances!

Opening with a staff dance choreographed by the talented Miss. Kyte, both students and parents were delighted to see a range of familiar faces shaking, shimmying and sashaying across the stage. On some occasions, they even managed to look as though they were performing in sync! Much more importantly however, these talented (or maybe just courageous!) staff members served as a mere introduction to the student acts to follow, and what acts they were!

From the opening moments as MCs Miss. Gordon and Mr. Irwin graced to stage, to the winning act’s final performance, this was a night to be remembered. Audience members were treated to a range of talents, from singing and dancing to instrumental performances, stand-up comedy and even a martial arts demonstration. Chelsea Smyth’s electric rendition of Metallica’s ‘Seek and Destroy’ had the audience roaring their approval as her fingers blazed up and down the frets, while Conor Dobbin’s comedic stylings proved a hit, with at least one judge reduced to fits of laughter! Oscar McMichael also impressed with a super slick dance routine, yet it was Year 8’s Bella Kyte who ultimately walked away with 1st place after a dazzling solo dance performance, whose kicks and leaps seemed, at times, to defy gravity. All of the acts deserved a very big round of applause, but what truly made the evening special was the phenomenal sportsmanship from all the competitors – win or lose, each act was more than willing to whoop and cheer for their competition until their voice ran hoarse, and between that and a very appreciative audience, it was great to see every single performer receive some very well deserved time in the spotlight.

Finally, amidst the dancing and drama of the stage, the generosity of the audience resulted in the evening’s charity raffle raising an impressive £380 for LIPS which proved to be the cherry on top of an already fantastic evening. So the only question that now remains is whether you can wait to do it all again next year! Maybe you were watching the acts with stars in your eyes and a burning desire to get up on stage and join in. If so, you’d better dust off your sequined outfits and dancing shoes and get practicing! 2024 is fast approaching and I know that I for one am already looking forward to seeing just how talented Limavady Grammar School really is!