Food & Nutrition Virtual Tour

Results & Achievements

GCSE 2021 A*- C 100%, A*/A 58%
AS 2021: A - C 100%
A Level 2021 A* - B 73% 
A Level 2020: A*-/A 45%

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Loughry College
  • Livestock & Marketing Commission Demonstration
  • Jane McClenaghan (Nutritionist) sharing her expertise with A Level students

Noteworthy Achievements

In 2020, Kain attained an A* in Nutrition and Food Science.  He was an outstanding student throughout his seven years at LGS and achieved full marks in both of his external AS modules in Year 13.

In previous years, the department has had pupils attain top candidate in CCEA AS module and placed in top 3 at GCSE (CCEA).

I enjoyed studying Food and Nutrition throughout my years at school, especially A-Level. In junior school I particularly enjoyed the cooking aspect and the life skills that it taught me. Also I really like the way that the A-Level course is a combination of coursework and theory behind nutrition for all life stages. For the coursework it really intrigued me that I got to undertake research on a topic of my choice as sort of a mini dissertation, getting to dive into a topic that truly grasped my interest. Overall, I find Food and Nutrition classes very interesting as there's always something new to learn.


Food & Nutrition Photos

Food and Nutrition is an exciting subject for new pupils of Limavady Grammar, as often it is something not studied in primary school. Although everyone assumes that to be good in this subject you have to be able to cook, that is not true. At LGS, there are two aspects to it: the side where you build on your cooking skills and bake delicious treats which you can eat; and the side where you build your knowledge on food and nutrition. I have really enjoyed both.


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