Prize Day 2019

JMcCreadyGeneral News

I am delighted to report that this year we have achieved the best results at GCSE and A level in recent history in the school.  With a 100% pass rate for all exams at GCSE and A level sat the results this year have been truly outstanding. 81% of our students at A level achieved 3A* to C grades.  This key benchmark places us well above the NI grammar average. 78% of all grades were A*, A or B grades. In LGS we look closely at the “value added” to the grades of each individual student. Based on ALPS data which measure value added we are ranked in the top 10% of all schools in the UK with an ALPS score of 2.  11 subjects in the school achieved 100% A – C grades with 18 subjects being above the NI grammar average.

At AS level the trend continues to push upwards with our Year 13 students producing excellent grades, with 83.2% of all entries being A to C. 19 pupils achieved the top grade in 3 or more subjects.

At GCSE level, results are exceptional. In a year with a new grading system and where the top grades are harder to achieve LGS students excelled. 98% of all students achieved 5 A* to C grades with an impressive 94% achieving 7 or more A* to C grades including English and Maths. 50% of all grades were A*/A.  At an individual level 44 students achieved 7 or more A*/A grades. These results once again place us above the NI average for grammar schools. Nineteen subjects are above the NI average. Over the past number of years we have made significant changes to our assessment methods, use of data, learning and teaching strategies and pastoral structures. We can see the outcome of these changes in the results of 2019.  High expectations are a daily part of the classroom in school. Our students have worked very hard to reach their best and in many cases exceeded their own expectations.  We are rightly proud of our students. Results like this do not happen by chance. Our staff go the extra mile to challenge, encourage and support the pupils.

It is our role as a school to provide an environment where our students can excel academically as well as developing a range of other talents.  The wealth of extra-curricular activities on offer sets us apart from other schools.  School is very busy in the afternoons and on a Saturday morning with extra-curricular activities. The learning that takes place on a sports field, school trip, drama performance is equally as important as that which takes place in the classroom. We promote amongst other qualities; leadership, diligence, resilience, respect, compassion and tolerance.   We are a school that is inclusive in every respect, all are valued and differences are recognized and respected. As we approach 2020 it is important our students are equipped for a global world and a global economy. We were delighted to be awarded the International Schools Award this year as recognition of the international dimension within the school.

Today is a day where we celebrate the achievements of our students, recognise the hard work of our staff and acknowledge the support of our parents. This, as outlined has been a year of fantastic success and achievement in school.  George Bernard Shaw said, “you see things; and say why? But I dream things that never were; and I say why not?” LGS prepares you to be the person who says “why not”. It gives you the opportunity to realise your dreams and unlock your potential. Working together we; the staff, the pupils and the parents can achieve amazing things.