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Results & Achievements

A Level Biology 85.7% A*-C (3 Year Avg of external examinations)
A Level Chemistry 88.6% A*-C (3 Year Avg of external examinations)
A Level Physics 89.5% A*-C (3 Year Avg of external examinations)
92% of GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics students achieved A* or A grades over the last 5 years.

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Noteworthy Achievements

  • 3 students have worn the JP McManus all-Ireland Scholarship since 2017 for top achievement in Ireland
  • 2nd place  in Northern Ireland Double Award Science in 2018
  • 3rd place in Northern Ireland A Level Physics
  • Past pupil in 2021 secured a place to study Physics at Oxford University

I really enjoyed the fireworks topic in year 9 as finding out all the flame colours was fun and the chemical reactions were easy enough to remember. The amylase experiment in Biology was my favourite practical. I enjoy the STEM club as it was fun to meet up with your friends and complete the challenges for every week.  


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