AQE Registration

aqe-logoWhat is AQE?

AQE is the organisation which runs and manages the transfer assessments for our school. For information about AQE click


All children who wish to sit the Common Entrance Assessment (CEA) must be registered with AQE.

When should I register my child?

If your child is due to start Primary 7 next September, then you can register him or her for the CEA. Registration Forms will be available from the beginning of May. The closing date will be early September.

Application form available to download here.

AQE Registration Form 2019

P6 Parents’ Presentation

The information evening for P6 parents was held on 10 May 2019. if you were unable to attend, the presentation is available for you here.

Download the P6 Parents’ AQE Presentation

The Assessment Procedure

After the close of Registration in September, we will contact all candidates and invite you to attend a familiarisation day. The Familiarisation days give the candidate an opportunity to see where they will be sitting the assessments and to meet their room invigilators.

All 3 assessments begin at 10 a.m. and last for 1 hour (with the exception of extra time candidates). AQE recommends that candidates attend ALL 3 assessments, however as the final age-standardised score is achieved through ‘best 2 out of 3’, it is only compulsory to attend 2 assessments. This allows for an ‘off day’ or illness etc.

There is no subsidiary paper available. If a candidate is only available to attend 1 assessment, you should contact the AQE Office via telephone.

What to bring/wear?

Pupils are encouraged to wear their school uniform for each assessment

What can parents do to help their child through the process?

Parents can do a significant amount to support their child through the process

  • Register early
  • Attend familiarisation day
  • Access resources from the AQE website
  • Provide a quiet place to study
  • Encourage reading for pleasure to enhance vocabulary
  • Reassure and encourage
  • Keep calm!