JMcCready180 (SU)

180 is the name for our school Scripture Union. The name comes from the complete 180• shift in our lives that occurs when we turn away from a life of sin and start pursuing Jesus wholeheartedly.

180 has started to meet again after the pandemic and how we have all missed it! The fun, the food, the fellowship- what more could we ask for!

We are meeting in bubbles this year and each group covers different topics, such as Living to the Max and Route 66. Each bubble meets once a week, and it has been great to see both familiar and new faces and it is so encouraging having new members!

Typically, we arrive around 1.10pm and have lunch together, catching up on each other’s weeks and sharing a laugh together. After this, we watch a short thought-provoking video on our topic for that week. This is always very interesting, as we tend to discover new facts, or new points of view to consider. The video is followed by a discussion, with a selection of questions designed to challenge our thinking as well as equip us with new knowledge and skills. This helps us both now and in the coming weeks and years for different tests and trials we may face.

We are ably supported by an amazing team of teachers who are committed to investing in us all through our school journeys by guiding us and helping us grow personally as well as enabling us to learn to share our faith with our friends in school.

If you are considering coming along to 180, I would totally recommend it to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you have never heard about Jesus or if you’ve been following him since you were very young, you will be made to feel so welcome at 180.