Controlled Assessment Timetable 2016-17

Controlled Assessment is a system of ongoing assessment which affects most GCSE subjects and which allows pupils to build up their overall GCSE mark by means of a series of tasks which take place at various times throughout Years 11 and 12. Whilst pupils will still sit a terminal exam at the end of Year 12 in each of their GCSE subjects, it is important to stress that the marks gained through controlled assessment will form a significant part of a pupil’s overall mark, up to 60% in some subjects. It is therefore essential that all pupils perform to the best of their ability in every task that they are set.

The rules for controlled assessment vary slightly from subject to subject and parents wishing for more information on the requirements of a particular subject should contact the relevant head of department or subject teacher. For some subjects, the timing of controlled assessment is dictated by the exam board. However, in many subjects, it is left to the school to set assessments at the most appropriate time.

The timetable below is intended to serve as an aid to pupils and parents by informing you of the approximate dates of controlled assessment in each subject area. It is important to stress, however, that it may on occasions be necessary to make changes to the timings given.

Please note: There is no controlled assessment in the following subjects: Further Mathematics, Mathematics, Religious Education.

Download Controlled Assessment Timetable 2016 – 2017