Head of Dept: S Robb

Staff in department

S. Robb, C.Nash

A Level

  • A level exam board: CCEA
Module% of AS or
A2 grade
How is it assessed?Module Title
AS Module 140%Exam 1 hour 15 minsPhysical Geography
AS Module 240%Exam 1 hour 15 minsHuman Geography
AS Module 320%Exam 1 hourFieldwork Skills and Techniques in Geography
A2 Module 124%Exam 1 hour 30 minsPhysical Processes, Landforms and Management
A2 Module 224%Exam 1 hour 30 minsProcesses and Issues in Human Geography
A2 Module 312%Exam 1 hour 30 minsDecision Making in Geography


GCSE% of GCSE gradeHow is it assessed?Unit title
Unit 137.5%External written exam 1 hour 30 minutesUnderstanding Our Natural World
Unit 237.5%External written exam 1 hour 30 minutesLiving in Our World
Unit 325%Controlled assessmentFieldwork Report

KS3: Brief topic overview

Year 8
What is Geography?
Farming Mapwork Skills
Exploring Britain and Ireland Rivers

Year 9
Brazil Shanty Towns
Rock Cycle Coasts Weather
Journey to School Investigation Crime

Year 10
Natural Hazards
Climate and Weather
Equatorial Regions
Development Mediterranean